When will I receive my order?

Most orders take 4-6 weeks

Non-fundraiser process:
1. Initial Mock-up(s) (digital files)
2. You approve your socks mock-up(s), and select sizing & quantities.
3. Invoice is created and 50% is due to begin actual sample process
4. Real sock mock-up (images of final sock): 2-3 weeks
5. You approve your sock mock-up 6. Socks are then sent to production: 2-3 weeks
7. Socks are shipped: 2-3 Days

Fundraiser process:
1. Initial Mock-ups (digital files)
2. You approve your socks mock-up(s), and we create your sockraiser profile
3. You share your fundraiser (sock-raiser?) to your people: 2-3 Weeks
4. If goal is reached, you approve your socks mock-up(s), and approve sizing & quantities
5. Your socks are sent to production: 2-3 weeks
6. Customers are charged according to payment method selected
7. Socks are shipped to group leader or individual based on their selected choice: 3-7 days

*If there are any changes during the 2nd mock-up phase, or any delays in your payment, please expect this to also add time

What materials are used in your socks?

We have multiple different styles and materials of socks. Our most common knit socks are a 54% Cotton, 42% Nylon, 4% Elastic blend. Our sublimation socks contain 70% Polyester, and 26% Cotton, and 4% Elastic

The pricing and minimums don't fully make sense to me?

15 pairs is the minimum order per design and size, therefore if ordering 2 sizes you must meet 30 pairs as your minimum order (15 / 15 split). However, you do not have to order in increments of 15 pairs

Anything ordered under 15 pairs per design and size adds a $35 design fee per each time the minimum is not met.

$25 Flat shipping cost, and free shipping on orders over 120 pairs.

Common scenarios:

  1. If you order 5 Medium of a design you would pay the 15 pair price, $35 design fee because you are under 15 pairs, and $25 shipping fee.
  2. If you order 15 Medium of a design you would pay the 15 pair price, and $25 shipping.
  3. If you order 15 medium of a design, and 10 large of that same design you would add a $35 fee to your order because you did not reach 15 large. You would pay the 25 pair price, and $25 shipping.
  4. If you order 15 medium of a design, and 15 large of that same design you would be in the 30 pair price range, $25 shipping.
  5. If you order 30 Medium and 20 Large of the same design you would be in the 50 pair price range, $25 shipping.
  6. If you order 60 Medium and 60 Large of the same design you would be in the 120 pair price range, and you would receive free shipping.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and checks are accepted in certain situations. Please ask us if you qualify to pay with a check, and please understand that paying with a check can add time to your order.

What are the artwork requirements?

Every piece of artwork will become pixelated to a degree in order to be knitted onto a pair of socks. If you have a very complex logo/artwork, we may be able to simplify it. However, if we don’t believe your logo will look good after the pixelation process we will make sure to contact you about other options such as sublimating the logo onto the socks which is an additional process, and also an additional cost. There is no way to fully avoid the pixelated look without using sublimation.

What size am I supposed to get?

We offer four sizes. Small, Medium, Large, XL. Each size will fit men and women differently just like shoes. There is no such thing as a women’s medium and a men’s medium when ordering. The only difference between the two labels is the medium sock is going to fit a women’s foot differently than a men's foot and vise-versa.

I have a good idea, but need some help creating my design?

We’ve got you covered. Click here to get started!

Where are my socks coming from?

We are partnered with a WRAP certified manufacturer in the Philippines who has assisted with our efforts since 2013.

What if I don't like my socks in person?

If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us here. Each case is different; however we do not accept returns on socks that have been customized after artwork approval and order confirmation, unless the error was done by us. Please contact us before any returns are attempted.

Still have questions? Let us know.