Select Threads was started as company that specialized in customizing Nike Elite basketball socks for friends at school. We would collect their used socks, charge them a little bit to cover the ink and paper, try to not be sick at the smell of pressing designs onto used basketball socks at 400 degrees, and then deliver the socks the next day to our friends. Eventually, we saved up enough money to have a little inventory, so we quit accepting used socks, and became open for real business. We created an instagram account, started selling socks around to people all around the United States through a website which at the time was called Ok Sock. Our first large order was from our own high school football team and the amount of compliments we received about our socks was our verification that we were up to something. For our 5th year anniversary, we redefined our mission and went through a major rebrand. We have learned a ton about socks, and have used this experience to build what is here in front of you today, Select Threads. We wanted to create something that was not available currently for customizing socks. We made it our mission to create one of the best sock customization processes on the market. To make it easy for anyone to purchase socks, use socks to raise money or support a cause, or add socks to your brand to keep on telling your story. We believe that this process will continue to evolve and become even better, with more rich features and benefits as we continue to customize high quality products. We want you to be successful in your endeavors, and you have come to the right place to assist you in doing so. We are Kyle Peterson and Zach Stensland, and we can’t wait to work with you!